Build your own tractor!

Siromer 30hp, 4wd, 3cyl, direct injection diesel engine.

Delivered to you ready to build.

There is an option of turf tyres or agricultural tyres.

Choose between shuttle or creeper gearbox.

Shuttle gives 8 forward and 8 reverse gears, creeper gives 16 forward and 4 reverse gears.


This will be delivered on a flat bed lorry and you will need to be able to unload the flatpack tractor.

The flatpack tractor weighs 1200kg and measures 230cm x 140cm x 130cm (h) 


What  is the difference between  shuttle and creeper gearboxes?

A creeper gearbox has reverse gear on the main stick,  just like a car, It also has a high/low ratio and a creeper ratio allowing for extra slow speeds, ideal for planting or pulling tree stumps out of the ground when a bit of extra torque is needed. 

A shuttle gearbox has a separate forward/reverse lever allowing the tractor to go at the same speed forward and backwards. It still has the high/low ratio but dos not have the creeper ratio. Ideal for loader work or scraping out.


Siromer 304 Flatpack

Excluding Sales Tax
  • £200 delivery.

    Or collect from our warehouse in Pilling, Lancashire.